lunes, 5 de enero de 2009

A note from the founders

There are some topics that I would like to discuss here briefly.

Fashion Trend have a new web page: in which we have some important information that are the type that doesn't change a lot. Also, we have there a Calendar with all the upcoming events and meetings; a forum for you to express yourself and the rules for members and for designers. You want to contact us? The site offers that opportunity as well.

The blog will remain here. We don't want to fill the page with tons of text. So for news, interviews, etc, this is the place and a link is there to this blog. You can favorite the web page and keep an eye on the blog from there or favorite this blog and keep an eye on the site from here.

To designers:

We have modified the rules to reinforce some violations. We noticed that some designers are asking the members to go to their stores to pick the gifts but what they have there is the regular free gift they offer to every visitor. We have been tolerant with this rule breaking but not anymore.

The agreement you made with us is sending a gift to the group. So we will monitor that again. DONT ASK THE MEMBERS TO GO TO YOUR STORE TO GRAB A GIFT FOR THE GROUP. If you have a gift there that you want them to go and grab, fine; you can include that in your notice; but that will not be considered the gifts you should be sending to the group in the timely base we agreed since you signing as designer. 

The kiosk or group sign need to be placed in your main location in a very visible area. If you want to place it in several locations fine; but we need to see it in your main location.

Although you can send notices of stuff that you created before joining the group; that doesn't mean that you will be repeating the posting about the same creations. You do it once and that's it. We understand that maybe you have gorgeous designs that our members have not seen because or they don't belong to groups where you use to post before, or they are new. So just for that reason we allow you to post about old stuff. But don't repeat notices.

I am placing the more critical rules in the web page so every designer can go and verify what is going on. But we will also be sending one by one the Rules review to each of you.

Just one warning remember; that is all what you will receive. If you want to come back; a fine will be involved. This is a new rule we are adding.

Lunna and I are quiet organized. We do all this work manually and with papers that we have in Real Life but we also have a staff that monitor the group with us. Lunna keep a close eye on notices; gifts etc and from time to time we go and visit stores to check if you are complying with the rule about the kiosk.

This situation has happened with just a very few designers. 99% are in comply with our rules and politics.

We are working for you; to help you grow your business in a very different way, compared with other advertisement groups. We want a very unique group. For that we need your help just by following the rules and get involved in our events.

To Models & Designers:

Helping our designers with the Fashion Shows Project we are also helping our members that have a dream to become a model or to have that experience at least. We are working really hard to polish you; teaching you for free with not only my help but also an avatar that is a real life model. I am not a model but I am related to the beauty industry and due to that I attend fashion shows in RL plus I love Fashion TV. So, if you tell us that you want to model or to showcase, we need a commitment from your part.

I am flexible but I don't tolerate irresponsibility. If you can't attend a meeting; the least I expect from you is a notecard with an excuse. SL is a game for a lot of people but it is more than that. It is a platform where real people do business, socialize, pursue dreams and interact with each other. A respect must be given to those people behind avatars. Don't tell me that at least once you haven't feel a real life emotion while in SL. So your emotions get also triggered in the same way RL does.

We still need like 4 more female models; 4 haven't respond to confirm they will participate in this upcoming fashion show. I will have a meeting with prospects so please if you want to model for us; send me a notecard. The event will be January 24 at 5 PM SLT. Check your RL schedule prior to send me the notecard telling me you want to participate. I would love to find somebody willing to host for us that day. I would really prefer to be backstage and helping the designers and models.

I have been more than lucky to meet wonderful people through this group. Our models have been very committed and designers as well. The people helping us in this endeavor is amazing. Thanks to all of you. I do hope we can make this group a very special one.


Madonna Saenz & Lunna Merlin

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