sábado, 27 de septiembre de 2008

Fashion Trend begun its blog

Hi fashionistas of SL. I started this blog with the hope to give you here information about the reasons for our existence and about what you love more; fashion & trends. Here, Lunna and I plan to keep you updated with not only what is recent in our group but also events that you may be interested in. Also, I plan to conduct several interviews with our designers so you can know then better as a person and a little of their history in our SL society. We will post the rules eventually here and expect that you come and share with us your comments and thouths in a very nice and respectful way; of course.

Lunna manages better the spanish language (she speaks english too) while I am fully bilingual so; my posts will be in english while hers will be in spanish. Why we would like to have a dual language spot? Because these are two languages that are spoken around the world in many many places. So we want to have you with us; spanish and english speakers. If there is a spanish entry; that is intended for the spanish members. If i think that english speakers need to know about it; i will make an equal entry in english so you dont miss the information.

Some of our designers speak english and spanish but others just one or the other. So we want them to be part of us but they need to be interviewed in their language. :) that is understandable.

We also dont want the english speaker community to miss the nice creations that other spanish designers do and viceversa just because of a language barrier. We are here trying to knock down that barrier to be all together as part of the fashion community that has one language; been trendy, elegant, beautiful, gorgeous and all the good things that we like no matter from where we are. In addition; the english language is well known in other countries where the primary language could be let say japanese, russian, chinesse, korean etc. So we need all of you no matter from where you are if you are a good creators and designers.

Fashion Trend will open its doors not only to "avatar wear" creators; we need those magnificent builders that makes fabulous houses, furniture and stuff that all of us need at some point; that includes and are not limited to poses, dances etc. Maybe they will not post every week because you cant create houses or furniture every week but if they apply and have the quality we are looking for, and are accepted, the will have a day assigned. When they are ready to launch something nice and new, they will post. So by that u can save pictures and landmarks and go shopping immediately or at a later date when you are ready for it.

This is just a first post to give you a sense of who we are and what we are looking for. Big hugs and invite your friends to join us now that it is still free to join. If you are a designer or builder and think that you create quality stuff; send me or Lunna Merlin an IM and we will gladly send you the rules.

Fashion Trend Founder
Madonna Saenz