martes, 31 de marzo de 2009

Fashion show in March 28 2009 backstage

Hi everybody:

Do you miss me? I know you do. :) RL have me a little bit busy and away from SL these last few days after the show; but will be back today hopefully.

I am very pleased with our past Fashion Show (March 28, 2009). We did a double modeling that was really very synchronized except for a very few situations due to lag for some models and login issues for others. Minor things; well those related with the walk.

I need to say that the ppl that sorrounds me and are helping me are amazing. Starting with Lucincia Muliaina who is the owner of the sim where we do this and the builder for our events. Also need to thank the models that helped me a lot not only whith one of the rehearsals when I couldnt be there, but also with some situations we had backstage. They handled all very professionally.

If you were there you saw our runway at almost floor level. That was to make it looks like in RL fashion shows; models performing a synchronized double modeling plus as always, our designers walking the runway at the end of each turn and talking directly to the audience. That is something that make me feel so ahhh like WOW every time I see and handle that part. I would love to use voice; but with two puppies around me barking sometimes when playing and with the visitors I have at home sometimes in RL would be impossible for me to do Voice.

By the time you are reading this; some pictures, kindly sent to me by one of our Models; Pleasure Babii, will be available at our web page There you can also see the quality of the gifts our members receive as a reward for being part of this wonderful group.

Now lets go backstage a little to give u a hint of all what an event like this can bring.

My work is not only finding models; those with experience just need to learn the walk and be commited for the day of the event and some of the rehearsals at least. Now; new models not only need to learn that; but also I need to check their poses, skins and shape proportions to give them advice. I also have to let them know (and this is like in a Flash) how to handle folder for fast change. I have to collect all designers notecards and organize them in order and edit them with the number of channel 1 in front of each sentence i will drop on the chat and insert comments and rearrange what is needed. I also need to be pending on Logo changes at each designer turn. I need to be really careful because I cut and paste every sentence from notecards to drop it at the chat. So I need to be pending if a name of one model is replaced at last minute due to issues with the model that were supposed to be there. And this happened several times during our show because one model crash and couldn't log back in and another was absent. I need to check with Designers also about whatever they need.

Then before the event; I need to figure out how i want the walk and the finale for designers. All this need to be practiced by them; models and designers. I also during the last minutes before to start; I used to make my last call in the group via notice with a landmark so ppl can tp there fast.

It is like a little chaos; that we handle very well; Me , Designers and Models. In each event I see what we need to fine tune, improve or add.

The booths available for designers to place their merchandise is a must that we offer to those participating and again Lucincia is the one that let that happen.

Is funny sometimes all the chaos backstage; some of our models just relog at seconds before doing the walk and they handled that very well. You dont have an idea how it is feel when you are about to announce a model that is telling you in the private channel we have; " My hair dont attach" . It is for me to faint lol. And then all of a sudden hearing her saying; " finally all attached". Then the big relieve.

Another crazy moment is when in the last minute one model crashed so instead of two we had one in the runway and the one that crashed came back fast and I told her to walk and she came out after the previous and they managed the walk like if nothing was going on. That is amazing for me and show their profesionalism. And they can even laugh about all that :). When i want to pull my hair off my head hahahahaha. It is so funny but now cus at the moment I am here almost not breathing. :)

And the toughest for me to handle: in the last seconds one model substituing another and then me changing the names in the notecard; or when the crashed thing happened like i said before and I need to scroll down the notecard to just describe the outfit of one model and then the other just came back and hit the runway so i need to scroll up now; to drop the lines about the descriptions of this one. It is a madness; but believe me a delicious one.

But the bad thing for me is that i have several notecards opened at my desktop and the chat also so i just see the models from the distance I place my camera. I cant move the camera to take pictures or to give their a closer look because I cant take away my eyes from the chat and notecards. So I miss a lot of the fashion show :( and just see the clothe when I receive some pictures. The final rehearsal is the same and I only can see some clothe from models that stay a little bit more after the practice; that final one.

At the end; I stayed with the sweet flavor of having fashion shows that I know people do like because despite all the goods and bads going on backtage; the girls really know how to handle it and they helped each other a lot. :) I am really proud of our team.

So based on all this and the stress I had and also some of the designers I decided to make a fashion show bymonthly. Then the spanish designers; and models; that also need and deserve a change too will have their fashion show that month i will not be organizing one.

But guess what? Arlene Lisle and EntreModelos will handle that for us and I will modellllllllllllllll hahahaha. I will talk about this a little bit more later.

Now go to the web site; enjoy the pictures and see you soon. I do love you.

Hugsss!!!! and thanks.

domingo, 8 de marzo de 2009

Getting ready for our March 28 Fashion Show

I am very excited about our next fashion show this March 28 at 5 Pm SLT. I have my hands full again but i love it.

The runway that Lucincia Muliaina has built for us is incredibly gorgeous; I love the fact that we decided this time to have it floor level like in RL fashion shows.

I am now in the process of selecting the designers that will be in and the models. So this mean rush rush lol.

So this time i hope that nobody miss it. We will also have a wonderful reception after the show with 2 live performers and a live DJ. So keep your eyes opened.

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