domingo, 31 de mayo de 2009

Our Fashion Show Last Night was a Real Blast yeeeh haaah!!!

As many of you already know Fashion Trend had the 4th Fashion Show last night at 7 PM SLT. We were there with models since around 6 PM. My nerves were starting lol. But still were under control. Then about 5 minutes before starting people began to pop up there; a little bit more nervous now. Then, just 1 minute to start and that was one avi after the other popping there. Believe me, when I saw that I started to shiver.

We had an amazing attendance of 95 avatars in our event. The sim owner Lucincia Muliaina was in charged to monitor that and we could sustain that attendance for the whole hour and a half the show lasted. phew!!!! what a night! It was just amazing; last night I adored the lag cus it was basically caused more for the presence of so many people than other reasons.

We ended the show and ppl were still there; all sitting and chilling like if they dont want to leave. What an experience!

I did a great effort in advertising the event but i know that without the help of the models; their friends, the designers and their groups and the help of our lovely members that wouldn't be as it was.

We showcased 5 fabulous designers and among them there was Studio Nails that never showcased before. They do prim nails that come with a HUD and something that really deserved to be with us last night and let the community know about this different way of wearing nails. Also as always we had 4 talented clothing designers and some of them do more than just that. The quality is unquestionable; because as all of you know; we just have good and extremely talented designers.

The designers showcasing last night were:

1. Izira Kirkorian from iZa Boutique
2. Maryjane Wellesly from Mary Jane's Designs
3. Akaya and Redsoledrea Gossipgirl from Total Betty
4. Anastasia Magic from Studio Nails
5. Monica Outlander from Miamai

I feel extremely proud of our designers, Models and Members. Designers are always so kind with our group and willing to participate; the Models are so commited and they handle so well any situation we can face backstage that is incredible; and members just... no words to talk about them. I was so pleased that they went with low Avatar Rendering Cost and there some that did not have it low put it low as per my request and that was appreciated. I would say that 99% of guests were with the Avatar Rendering Cost in Green. That demonstrate that our group is full of people that love fashion and understand this business.

I dont have time to be jumping from blog to blog because my hands are so full. But if you know of any blogger commenting on our show please dont hesitate to let me know. I invited last night bloggers and Magazines Editors and some were there. I hope that our event inspire them to talk about us and let the SL community know that we exist and that we have a purpose with them in mind first.

We already have some pictures of the event in our web page Feel free to see them and to join our site.

Thanks everybody for supporting me in our events. That is my reward; seeing you there and knowing that you are enjoying it. Hugs!!!!

sábado, 23 de mayo de 2009

And Out Models Continue with their Achievements

In JCNY they have the competition known as "JCNY MAY WEEK SHOWCASE MODELS" . Marienna Cortes won the week One. Now again she won this round along with another of our Models; Gem Henly. Check it out.

Marienna Cortes

I send a sincere appreciation to you, JD Handson, and to the the staff of JCNY. It has been an honor and priviledge to have been once again selected as showcase model this week. I want to take the time to also thank all the people who have supported me along my journey..... Aranax, my dearest friend for thinking I am HAWT. To my right hand, Jovial Jewell, who listens to me rant and rave. Romi Dagostino, a close friend and mentor. To Fashion Trend, Atlantis Modeling, Simplicity Modeling and SLGAM Modeling agency, for believing in me. As always to my husband and best friend Stato, " have restored my hope, and faith in love. Your patience and gentleness have given me back my ability to trust. You are irreplaceable in my life."

Gem Henly

I would love to thank JCNY for this wonderful opportunity. I love the jewelry at JCNY because it makes me feel special. I love the designs and the elegant style of the jewelry. I am just starting out in the modeling world and I have done a few shoots. I absolutely love to model. I also enjoy strutting the run way with Fashion Trend. I want to thank Madonna Saenz for helping all of us become wonderful stars in our own way. I would also like to thank Pleasure Babii for always giving me her honest opinion on how I look.

Congratulations!!! There are other of our models that have won other competitions and As soon as they send the story to me I will share it with you. I can't feel more proud of all of you. These Models work hard to become each time a better professional. They took seriously this career and worked to pass to the next level. As a Model you need to evolve; be willing to the accept the challenges this career will make you face with.

I know that some members are trying to become models but are not willing to commit. You need to order the priorities in SL to be able to have a real career. If you want to be a Model but not willing to attend the meetings and the practices, for not sacrifying your time with friends and the person you love inside SL; then you are not ready for this yet.

You can have a life and be a model too in SL. We have girls that are married, are moms and they also have another job; and with all that they know how to hanlde their time to comply with the requirements of this career.

A modeling Career in SL is as demanding and in RL, So think twice if you really want to be a Model. Once you start; other jobs can come to you from other agencies or designers so you need to know upfront; how much time are you willing to invest in yourself as a Model.

I feel very proud of my girls and my boys. So Again Congratz and keep the good work going.

jueves, 14 de mayo de 2009

Our Models Achievements

I am so excited that some of our Models have had some achievements lately that i want to share with you those for what i have all the info or part of it.

First let me share with you what Gem Henly sent to me. Gem has been one of our Models since we started this project of helping our members to do a carreer in this field.

" I went to an open call along with Sarlah, Jennie, and Cae. The first round was a fancy dress. We walked the runway and certain people made it to the next round. In round two it was business attire. Again the same procedure was done. In round three it was swim wear/lingerie. I was so nervous at each of the elimination rounds. When it came to the finally round we had to wait for there decisions. I seemed like a life time. I made it into the finally cut and am now working with SLGLAM modeling agency. Without Madonna’s coaching I would have never made it.

Gem Henly"
On the other hand we have Loxley Thatam. Read here what happened to her: She became the winner of Winner of L.A. Modeling Agency Fashion Challenge .

And we also have our Marienna Cortes:

"I am very honored to have been selected as week 1 Showcase model for May 2009 at JCNY. I want to thank JCNY for giving me this opportunity to show what beautiful jewelry JD Hansen designs for us. JCNY offers such a great variety of fashionable jewelry that can take you from dusk to dawn. A little bit about me, I am happily married to the best husband a woman could want, Stato Meredith. I am the General Manager at the romantic Bella VIda Jazz Lounge, and enjoy that immensely. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Madonna Saenz (Fashion Trend) for believing in me and giving me my first opportunity in modeling. Thanks also to Romi Dagostino for her fantastic dresses. Lastly, a thank you to Stato for his endless love and support."

You can read Marienna pics and post directly in:

I need to say that these are my rewards for what I am trying to do. Anything you accomplish in this career is a great pleasure for me and make me full of happines. That is what I want; help you to pursue your dreams in any way I can. That is the reason I have jumped to work hard with you, giving you that experience; the tips needed and a little bit if guidance. Our group is not only an advertisement group where designers get only the best part of it. In our Group everybody is rewarded and I work close with all of you to make you feel happy and special belonging to it. Thanks for those words all of you sent me that really make me feel that my efforts are really worthy. Thanks.
Madonna Saenz (Fashion Trend Founder).