sábado, 7 de febrero de 2009

Our 2nd Fashion Show on Feb 06/2009

:D We had our 2nd Fashion Show on February 6 of 2009. This is part of the big effort we are doing to provide our designers with a very helpful tool to make their customers to know them better, to acquire new customers and to get more exposure within the grid.

Opium Fashion Agency helped me to put this one together. Indeed this time I didn't do anything. I thank Alianna Logan for giving us as a group the opportunity to have this show.

It was something different and unique. The guests had the option to be dancing while watching; so no chairs available at the place. This was totally different. ;) Also the finale of the show was a sync dance among the models.

Opium Agency used their own models. That is why the members did not participate this time.

We were delighted by 5 wonderful Fashion Trend Designers: A&K, Sascha Designs, iZa Boutique, Zaph Creations and WoE. The guys looked spectacular. Well this doesnt mean the girls did not too; but my gosh these guys were so handsome that I was like; uhmm I need one of those just for my self hahahaha. A joke! Dont want trouble with any girl.

I have several projects in mind. It will take time to put all of them in place and I hope my RL let me complete this dream little by little.

Our group is very different and unique. I can promise that it is worthy been a member and a Designer posting on it.

I am giving you all I have to make it special. The only thing I ask in return is Designers to not break the rules; The members to support our designers and follow us wherever we go as a group. A want you to be a group and a force at the same time. I want the members to feel that they are appreciated as well as designers and that ALL of you are important and not merely readers of notices.

Thanks to all of you for helping me in achieving this part of my vision and mission. And also to all those members that has expressed to me how happy they are in the group and how special it is for them. You dont know the Joy I feel when you let me know that.

A big hug to our members, designers and to our colaborators.