lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2008

Lates news about our first Fashion Show


Here me again to keep you posted with the last news about our first Fashion Show. First I need to thank all the ppl that has been involved with me to make this a reality. Through the group I have met wonderful people that are really special and willing to help others as we are in our group.

I will be sending a notice tomorrow about our next meeting with models and designers.

I had today two meetings; one planned and the other not planned but did it to help the girls and designers that couldnt make it to the oficial one.

These are the lates news about the event. I mean the general news.

* Fashion Trend 1st Fashion Show will be January 24 of 2009 at 5 PM SLT.

* We planned to have 5 Designers this time with 12 outfits to show. That will includes for some of them, jewelry and skins too.

* There is a plan to have live music after the event; a live performer. Will say who will be because is a surprise.

* To help our designers and give opportunities to our members to become models there will be a fashion show each month. I will handle it one month with the group models and an Agency that I will tell later will be handling it the next month. That mean that our group girls and boys will have a chance to model every other month.

* If the group continue to grow at it has been since created in September 9 of 2008 maybe we will end up doing two fashion shows a month. But this is a future goal.

* Designers and prospective models that speaks spanish will have their own fashion shows as well, handled by EntreModelos Agency, commanded by Arlene Lisle; a SL and RL model. - Los disenadores y modelos prospectos que hablan espanol tendran sus propios fashion shows tambien pero manejados por la Agencia de Modelos EntreModelos comandada por Arlene Lisle una modelo de Sl y de RL.

If you are one of our designers or if you would like to become a model dont miss this opportunity. I am doing this for free so designers dont have to pay a penny for participating. This will give you exposure. In addition those aspiring models will have here the chance to get experience, to learn; to improve so hopefully a formal agency can hire you at any time.

I dont have standards, because Fashion Trend is not a modeling agency. For me anybody that would like to model can do it. Just that maybe will need to follow some tips about skins or poses ; maybe. I dont care if you are curveous, skinny, or big. You want to model? can you wear nicely what is given to you? Then you can be with us. In the process you will learn what is better for you; how to improve yourself; your image; how to handle the catwalk, tricks and tips. By this, agencies can use our events to check models and hire you if they want. Also you could end up being formally hired by a designer to show their creations at their shops.

Fashion Trend is a group that seek the best designers; the best customers and the best members and will help you with your business and with your dreams. What we will ask in return? That you succeed. That will be our reward.

I hope that all of you support me in this goal making all your friends knows about us and about the event and attending.

Thanks and will be hearing soon this and more details with a notice to the group.

martes, 23 de diciembre de 2008

General Rules for Members- Reglas para los miembros

There is a Gold Rule that every member need to follow to make our group one with no spam and not annoy ppl with more than the notices which is more than enough and members have more control over it.


Dont's ( the Gold Rule)

1. It is not tolerated that the group chat be used for advertisement of any kind. That means placing links or announcements of designers. That will be an automatic banned from the group with no warning and your name going to our black book.
2. Don't respond to person that post this type of advertisement in the group chat.


1. The only thing that you can use the group IM window for is:

a. To ask about something that maybe you missed from one of our designers; a notice, a gift, etc.
b. To ask about any event we may have.
c.. To ask for help on how to get the gifts.
d. To ask for anything that is strictly related to our group or related to our designers.
e. Comment anything you have read in our blog or about us in another blog.

I have been flexible giving warnings to members that have done this kind of thing before ( sending links of sales for other designers) but i will not give any more warning to members so dont do that. Dont take the chance to go to our Black Book. Then if you want to come back will have to talk to me.

If you have a doubt where to talk or not in the group chat is better not to do it than taking the chance to be banned from the group.


Spanish version:

Hay una regla de oro que cada miembro en el grupo debe seguir para no cuasar spam o mortificar demas a los otros miembros que ya tienen suficiente con los notices. Los notices es algo que se puede controlar en el grupo y lo pueden hacer ustedes los miembros individualmente.


No hagas (regla de oro):

1. poner anuncios o links de anuncios de ningun disenador. Mucho menos si no esta en el grupo aceptado oficialmente como tal.
2. Contestarle a este tipo de personas que hacen esto.

Si puedes:

1. Usar la ventana del grupo para preguntar cualquier cosa relacionada a los disenadores; tal vez sobre un notice que no recibiste, un regalo que no has visto etc.
2. Puedes preguntar como buscar los regalos en el grupo.
3. Puedes preguntar sobre cualquier evento que el grupo tenga en agenda o corriendo.
4. Comentar todo lo que sea estrictamente relacionado a nuestros disenadores autorizados.
5. . Comentar sobre algo interesante que hayas visto en nuestro blog o sobre nosotros en otro blog.

He sido flexible dandole avisos a las pocas personas que han hecho esto de poner publicidad en el chat del grupo pero no lo hare mas. Si hacen eso seran expulsadas del grupo sin mas preambulos y su nombre ira a nuestra lista negra. Asi que para regresar y mantenerse tendrian que hablar conmigo.

Si tienen duda en su mente sobre usar el chat group para algo es mejor no hacerlo que correrse el riesgo.



miércoles, 10 de diciembre de 2008

About our up-coming Fashion Show


First of all I want to thank all the members that have responded to the announcement about a Fashion Show for the group. I want to take this space to explain our vision of the group and our mission. Then will explain how I will like this Fashion Show to be.

Our Mission is to be the best advertising group that be totally different from other advertising groups. An Unique group that gives satisfaction not only to designers but to members or any person that needs us to evolve in SL to achieve his/her dreams and goals.

Our vision is to be a very special group with participation of all the members to help each other in achieving our goals and dreams. Getting involved all together to make this a live group; having events, supporting each other and growing together through the path that SL puts in front of us.

In our group everybody gets rewards; members including designers gets gifts from time to time from other designers; Designers get the reward of reaching more people that are potential buyers that will result in business growing. Also they have the reward of having more exposure through our blog. In addition, we will support them in events like fashion shows; huntings or whatever they have or need. On top of all this; with the fashion show events another venue open for those who aspire to become a model and will pursue a career in that area. All this with the members participation and shopaholics having fun. I know will not be easy and will probably takes time but I promise we can do this together. So invite now your friends to the group and stay in it because it is worthy and please support our designers first of all. Remember this; not everything that is good is expensive but also not everything that is not expensive is good. So our designers first when you look for something. We have really good designers with very good and affordable prices.

ok now about the Fashion show. I want to train the models first. I want to be sure that all the models females of males know how i want the walk to be done. At what point to stop; to turn and for how long a pose will be held. I want all the models to know how to prepare folders to change fast from one outfit to another. I want this to be very similar to a real fashion show in terms of the way models move around the runway. I also want the designer to walk the runway at the end of his/her turn along with his/her models. Then we will have the next designer and so on. Once that is clear and handled we will discuss type of poses needed (tips about it); look recommendations (skin, hair, nails etc) and then i will contact the designers to set rules about how many outfits per designers; how many models per designers and they will pick the models, date and time for the event.

Every model that shows real interest and commitment will have a new role in the group as model. The Title will be FashTrend Top Model. The pay for you to participate will be determine by the designer that hires you. It could be money; maybe you can keep the outfit you model or both. who knows. I will not intervene in those arrangements so that is something that the designers will decide individually. The only thing i can Assure you as model is the experience you will get.

If by any chance not all the designers can participate in this first fashion show or not all the available models; then you will be ready for the next one. I know that if i have 10 designers interested will be very agonizing having a fashion show with lets say 8 presentation by designers that can last no more than 2 hours. In my opinion 2 hours is the maximum a fashion show should last. People get tired, bored and some prefer to go and do other things like hanging out with friends etc. So to have everybody's attention; 2 hours should be the maximum time for the fashion show. So we need to decide how many designers will do this first one counting the time for each pose in every turn that does not go over 120 minutes.

After we are done with it; we can have a get together in a place that we can pick up in advance and flood it with our massive presence lol. That would be very funny getting all together with the group tags to a club lets say and just taking over the place dancing and chatting out loud and getting attention lol. I dont know; you can suggest other ideas if you have any.

We need to know each other in person. Not that i will accept everybody's friendship or designer will do that, but will be nice to meet all of us and members have the chance to meet the designers they love in person and hang out with them a little. I mentioned about the friendship thing because can u imagine my friend list with almost 1000 people? No way hahahaha. So please we can hangout as group but dont (all of u) offer your friendship please. I am anyway available for whoever want to talk to me always; so keep friendship as a treasure for those that you are in contact with frequently; in a daily or weekly basis. Inventory and friend list need to be controlled guys; remember that. :)

I hope to be able to, today or tomorrow, call the first meeting with models. There is a person that offered her experience to help us out with this and also a DJ. So we will be fine and it will be lot of fun. I love you!! and hope you support us in this. Thanks.

Madonna Saenz &
Lunna Merlin