sábado, 24 de enero de 2009

The Big Day just arrived

I am so excited; nervous and all that you can think of. Remember; today at 5 PM you have a date with us. Invitation is inside the notices of the group. Invite everybody and come to have fun with us.

Today is the big day. I would like it to be perfect but I know that any surprise can come. So be with us, and enjoy this moment that will be part of the history of SL groups.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart to:

Lucincia Muliaina. She is the manager of the designer Keely Lutrova. Lucincia has put to our service her sims and let us do there all we needed. She helped building the booths base. built the platform and decorated. She has been such a sweet.

Cangri Capalini - This is like my brother. He built the runway for us. He says he is not a builder but my gosh all what he does is just so nice and the taste he has for decorations is really amazing.
Malu Zhao: As soon as I said I needed a DJ she offered her services and has done a great job with the music selected for this event.

Marienna Cortez - Manager of Bella Vidas that will be waiting for us in the after event party. She also offered to us the Bella Vida's Runway for future shows.
Keely Lutrova - She will be singing for us in the after event party; at Bella Vida's and will sing a song I requested.

Designers - Keely Lutrova, Izira Kirkorian, Marisa Yip, Ambergris Bahomet and Gillygirl Hoffman that said yes immediately and have been so commited and responsible.

Models: Nytefyre Gravois, Rod Insippo, Lorrelle Gossipgirl, Vivienne Darcy, Arlene Lisle, Ananke Kronos, Rhonda Pennell, Pleasure Babii, DonieK Capalini, Loxley Tathan, Sarlah Baggs, Holli Thespian, Lizzyox Allen, Gem Henly, Adrianna Marquez, and Meisha Vierstandig. You have done such a great job.
To all the people that in a way or another has contributed.

Again Thank you, thank you very much. Receive a kiss and a big hug!

Your friend,

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