martes, 21 de octubre de 2008

Next; Interviews with our designers

Please, stay tuned because we will be interviewing our designers one by one; little by little. We have one interview ready with a SL Master Jeweler that is one of our designers. I am just waiting for the pics to be able to place it here. Some RL situations are having me a little offline more than usual but this week I hope to catch up with you and keep the blog updated with the latest news. This group will be a special one. We have several projects that will put in place but we are getting organized to start that. The interviews project has begun so soon here, you will know your favorite designer a little bit more as persons; Human Biengs and know how they evolved to become what they are now in this magnificent society.

Despite Lunna and I are bilingual she handle better the spanish language and I handle both. so I will be in charge of english interviews while she will be in charge of spanish one. I will do my best to have the interviews translated but i can not assure I will have the time for that. But I will try.

Hugs and thanks for your interest in our group and for your support.

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