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Getting to Know our Sascha Frangilli

Hi my Top Fashion. Here is our second interview with the great designer Sascha Fangilli from Sascha Designs. Sascha selected to place her story in a synopsis and I think it is worthy to read. She is an example of what a person can achieve when determination is on the mind. Looking for your goals pay dividends. Sascha now is one of the most recognized clothe designers in Second Life. So here she is:
Here is the synopsis of me…..
I came to SL in November 2006 by sheer coincidence. I had never played any online games, but a RL friend told me that if I wanted to see something addictive, I should download Second Life. I laughed and tried his bluff. Oops… it is addictive, very addictive! I am from Holland and quite down to earth, and I do see SL as a fun thing and when people tend to take SL too seriously, lie or have a certain attitude, I fly away from them at 100 km per hour. Get real!

When I entered SL, I also invited my RL partner (MikeyTwo Frangilli) and fairly soon he had made enough money to buy land and set up a ballroom in SL. So I wandered around, bought large amounts of dresses and hair, waved at people and after a few months got a bit bored with that. I am very happy to be online together with my RL partner (though we do not live together, we see eac hother during the week on Second Life). For fun times, I have created a second avatar so I can also have fun without having to be “Sascha” all the time.Bare with me, I had no experience whatsoever with graphic designs (besides downsizing a picture in Paint), so I bought the “Business in a box - dresses” as I had fallen in love with all the ballroom gowns that I saw. I wanted to make them too! But I was totally horrified with what I had acquired (these dresses were awful) and started searching for new textures to put on the flexified skirts. These dresses were not what I had in mind ….. Then I bought the Looprez from Ged Larsen and my mind went berserk by the realization of the potential that I could create here.Early summer 2007 I downloaded Photoshop on my pc and I suddenly realized I had one hell of a serious problem. No graphic background and no person sitting next to me explaining what I should do. Slowly, very slowly…. but surely, I got more experience in Photoshop and it took me nearly 6 months to get a bit of grip on the whole PS thing. Believe me, I swore a lot!
Early 2008 I discovered several applications on PS that made me be able to ‘travel beyond’ to what I had done before. I opened my main store in March 2008 with a small collection of ballroom gowns and within 3 months, I had to upsize twice my land/store; business was growing much quicker than I anticipated! At that time I had to quickly decide upon a name and came up with the very uninspiring name Sascha’s Designs, hahaha. And yes, it is hard to get more known in Second Life with all the wonderful competitors around, but word of mouth does do wonders.
I must admit that I find a bit hard to mix my RL child, partner and work with my SL work. It is quite demanding to run a SL store, host each week a different designer/fashion show at Mikey’s club, be sociable and to make new dresses as well. So I got my friend as a manager (Sapphire Teebrook), 2 other girls (SkyAngel Janus and Anika Heartsdale) and a photographer (Laurent Vesta) who help me in so many ways. I get so many IM’s from not only customers but also plenty of people offering things, fashion shows etc. that sometimes I am a bit overwhelmed with everything.
I am a normal person in RL; I like the occasional glass of red wine or Jupiler beer - LOL, I fart, I like fashion but am not an ultra fashionable chick that follows all the latest fashion (though I love high leather boots). I prefer to buy clothes that can last me a few years and I have put this preference into my SL gowns too. You can still wear my gowns in a couple of years (so to speak, unless LL comes up with a complete new building tool) as they are timeless and not made after the latest fashion quirk.

X Sascha Frangilli

This is the Real Sascha.

Now Enjoy some of her best creations. She has a lot of beautiful gowns so I bet there is something for every taste at her store.

Feel free to post your comments. I hope you enjoyed reading her story. See you with the next one. Who would be? I still don't know. This is random pick; remember.
Hugs from
Madonna & Lunna

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